Makeover Monday: Flip the Switch on Switchplates


One of my favorite inexpensive makeovers to do for a room is to paint the switchplates. You know, the ugly, yellowing plastic covers for your plugs and light switches? I got this idea because when I touched up our basement, I found that we had like a THOUSAND different switchplates: aluminum, yellowing plastic, grayish plastic, whitish plastic. All of them were beat up and, well, hideous. Replacing all of them would have been pricey and unjustifiable to my husband, who, bless his heart, couldn’t care less about a little detail like that. I like the look of the oil-rubbed bronze, plus we have several light fixtures around the house in that finish. When I looked at buying new ones, the 2-plug covers and light switches were about $3 each, and the specialty multiple plug/light switch combos were $8 or more. Yeah, dumb to pay that much.

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Check out my new lush locks thanks to my fab hairdresser my mother in law (may I add I am also head to toe car booty in this pic)

My favourite winter jumper!

Here is another way I styled my hair! 

It great to have a versatile cut so you can style your self up different everyday! (who wants the same barrette week in week out)

I am backkkk

Sorry for the lack of post I have been at college. I know crazy… I am 26 years old and I have been to college sounds odd in my head. But my lovely work put me on an IOSH H&S course. So not been able to post as been super busy studying. 

Wish v day coming up just wanted to post a few cool bits I found that you can make at home… who needs to spend 50 quid on a box of chocolates which will only make you fat anyway.


Gift Ideas for #ValentinesDay

Omg this is awesome. My hubby would love is as he is obsessed with lights!

Valentines Light Bulb-- this is so clever and cute!

So defo want to make a cake… this is awesome!!! food always a way to a mans heart.


one love 




Easy, thrifty sandwich filling

Life in the Thrift Lane

Just before Christmas, my parents brought us a mass of reduced food. They have a habit of doing this, and we’re usually inundated with things we struggle to use up. In this assortment was some sandwich fillings. Now, I’m not usually one for these shop bought fillings, but I have to say they were absolutely delicious! However, I wouldn’t dream of paying full price for them! I have been experimenting ever since, and this is what I’ve come up with (not rocket science I admit):

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A new-found love and my Miette skirt

The Projectory

It’s a little embarrassing, but I’ve been intimidated by sewing for a good…. 13 years now. My aunt gave me a machine when I was 15, and it sat in my closet, unused, until I moved out when I was 18 and my parents sold their house. I think the sewing machine was sold at a garage sale. Years later, I borrowed one from a housemate, even bought books and read obsessively about sewing technique, but never bought thread or fabric, until I had to give it back. I would talk about it, that someday future when I’d sew and make pillows and skirts, but never took concrete steps to make that happen.

Really, though, I was a knitter. I already had a hobby with a lot of small notions and long stretches of project concentration, and the constant click of my needles has been an important part of…

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times are changing

I remember the days when I would get from the supermarket what I fancied didn’t event look at the price….. time are changing though my lover, I LOOK AT PRICES and deals. It happened all of a sudden today. Went to the supermarket to get a note pad for a course my work are sending me on tomorrow, so I went straight for the one I likes was like 3.99 not much but still. Then it just takes a bitta looking and I found an even lusher one for 1.50. Bargin.

That was my little find of the day….

Wish me luck… dreading this course!



Green and Thrifty

As a former spendthrift and child of my generation (Gen X), patience does not come naturally to me. I want what I want and I want it now.

Learning to be green and thrifty has taught me that time solves most issues.It’s a learning proces but I’m working on it. Hanging clothes for instance, it takes time for them to dry but it makes it easier to do laundry in the end. Cleaning the bathtub, too. In using my paste of dish soap and baking soda, scrubbing it on and leaving it to do its work for an hour, I got results that blew the commercial cleaners out of the water (so to speak).

The latest triumph of time came when I thought I’d ruined my crock pot. I made beef stew and left it cooking too long. It was mushy and burnt to the sides of the pot. As…

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